Sometimes it feels like customers assume I'm the all-seeing god of the store. They ask me about off-brand medication(or other product) by name and just assume I know where it is or if the store even carries it. Even less helpful is when I ask what type of medication/product is and they just reply with the name of it again.
If I'm tired enough, I just direct people to my best guess of where the product is. I have, on multiple occasions, directed customers to the automotive section when they asked where the Carmex is. For medication, I just show customers which aisle ALL the medicine is on and I leave them to their search.
The default state of the brain amazes me sometimes. I've realized that, if I tell a customer "Have a nice day" before giving them their change and reciept, they're extremely likely to leave without it. [Factors that decrease the odds of this is the amount of change and if the customer bought clothes or electronics] At the same time, customers have the power move of "keep the change." While this often means I get a couple extra pennies, there have been some absolute madmen who leave while being anywhere from $0.01 ~ $0.50 short. So far it's always been more funny than anything else, and I never minded paying out of pocket to keep my drawer even.
The germ shields have been installed today at Family Dollar. They seem to be a large sheet of plastic hanging from the ceiling. The space beneath the shields is enough for a majority of our products to be handled without issue, but customers have a tendancy to stack items.
Today was awful.